Just in case I ever lost my cookbook, I can always refer back to this blog and check it out. I would not say that I’m a great cook but I would like to learn as much recipes as I could and pass it on to others. Some others would compare and claim that they are not as a great cook or say something like “So are you saying I can’t cook?”

I find it funny but why do people have these kind of mentality, even if I were to be the at the bottom of barrel, and I do know of someone who is at the top, I would gladly learn as much instead of complaining the skills that I lack.

I love eating nasi paprik and I thought it was some sort of secret sauce to it.
Here what’s Wikipedia posted

Nasi pad prik is a Malaysian dish of fried rice flavoured with sauteed chilli paste. Nasi is Malay for rice and pad prik is a Thai phrase ผัดพริก where pad means stirfry and prik means chili. Although Nasi Pad Prik today is regarded as part of Malay cuisine, it is Thai in origin.

It seems that I did ever cooked something similar using sauteed chilli paste. A quick search by asking my uncle, Google yielded that paprik had some kinda tom yam sauce to it. You can say it’s kinda healthy because it does contain a good amount of vegetables in it.

Here’s what I cooked earlier. I used Dancing Chef Tom Yam Paste, you could get it at any local supermarket store.



  1. Red Onions (Sliced)
  2. Garlic (Crush and Grind)
  3. Ginger (Crush and Grind)
  4. Chicken (Diced)
  5. Dried Chilli (Blended)
  6. Tom Yam Paste
  7. Dark Thick Soy Suace
  8. Oyster Sauce
  9. Cauliflower (Cut)
  10. Carrot (Sliced)
  11. Baby Corn
  12. Button Mushtom (Sliced)
  13. Red Chilli (Sliced)
  14. Tomato (Sliced)
  15. Long Beans (Cut)
  16. Cabbage (Cut)
  17. Lemon Grass (Crush and Grind)
  18. Lime Leaves
  19. Sugar
  20. Salt


  1. Fry red onions, garlic and ginger
  2. Cook chicken
  3. Pour in blended dried chilli with tom yam paste
  4. Saute
  5. Pour in dark thick soy sauce and oyster sauce
  6. Saute
  7. Throw in all vegetables from 9 to 16
  8. Saute
  9. Put in Lemon Grass, about 3 pinches of sugar and a pinch of salt
  10. Saute

And there you have it! I



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